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The Gyllenhielmska trail -36 km

The Gyllenhielmska trail is a hiking trail that stretches 36 km from Naturstugan in Årby Nature Reserve in Eskilstuna, via Torshälla to Sundbyholms guest harbor and then on to Björsund.

Diverse nature

The Gyllenhielmska trail is marked with orange markings that show the way through beautiful nature, forests, over hills, and along fields. It is fine to walk in both directions, and you can start where it suits you best.

The hiking trail is sometimes hilly and not accessibility adapted.

Stage suggestions:

  • Sundbyholm - Slätviken, about 12 km
  • Slätviken - Torshälla, about 6 km
  • Torshälla - Eskilstuna, about 6 km
  • Årbystugan (parking at Årby sports ground)
  • Torshälla, at the Torsharg sports ground (parking in connection)
  • Slätviken
  • Ostra, at the bathing and boating place
  • Sundbyholms guest harbor (parking in connection)

Service along the Gyllenhielmska trail

If you need to purchase something during your hike, there is a grocery store in Torshälla, in close proximity to the trail. Sundbyholms guest harbor has a smaller selection of supplies. Here you can also enjoy a really good coffee.

In Sundbyholm, you can refill drinking water, and there are also toilets available.

If you would like to barbecue during your hike, there are designated barbecue areas, including in Sundbyholm.

Transport to and from Gyllenhielmska trail

To the start at Årby outdoor area, you can take the bus and then walk around fifteen minutes to the starting point.

If you prefer to start in Torshälla, there are good communications there as well. It is possible to connect to the trail just a short walk from the Östra square.

There are bus connections to and from Sundbyholm several times a day.

If you prefer to transport yourself by bike, there are nice bike paths to Årbystugan, Torshälla, and Sundbyholm.

Orange arrows in the forest showing what direction to go

Cafes and restaurants along the Gyllenhielmska trail

Swimming spots near the Gyllenhielmska trail

Take a refreshing dip in Lake Mälaren after a hike. Along the trail, you will pass several nice swimming spots.

Sights and destinations along the Gyllenhielmska trail

As you hike along the trail, there are several exciting sights and destinations to discover, including in Torshälla and Sundbyholm.

Sights and destinations a bit further from the Gyllenhielmska trail

There is a lot to discover in the surrounding area if you choose to take a short detour from the hiking trail. Here are some tips!

Accommodation along the Gyllenhielmska trail

From the Gyllenhielmska trail to the Pilgrim trail

There is an extension of the Gyllenhielmska trail from Sundbyholm to Björsund, where it connects with the Pilgrim trail on the other side of the strait.

The map of Gyllenhielmska hiking trail is an old version showing only the first 24 km of the trail. However there is new version of the map in swedish which shows the entire distance of the Gyllenhielmska hiking trail together with Fogdöns Pilgrim trail, which is aproximatley 36 km.

Remember the Right of Public Access

Take care of nature when hiking along the Gyllenhielmska trail. Remember to bring your trash with you and do not disturb the wild animals.


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