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Gyllenhielmska hiking trail

Gyllenhielmska leden is a hiking trail that stretches 36 km from Årbystugan at the outskirts of Eskilstuna, via Torshälla to Sundbyholm's guest harbor and then on to Björsund.

Diverse nature

The Gyllenhielm trail is marked with orange color-markings that shows the way through beautiful nature, forest, over hills and along fields. You can walk in both directions and you can start wherever suits you best.

Stay the night

During the summer you can stop and swim in Lake Mälaren, at one of the beaches in either Sundbyholm, out by Slätviken or at Ostra knall. Furthermore, there are several alternatives for staying the night, such as hotels, cottages, and camp sites around the trail.

Keep on hiking the Pilgrimage trail

If your hiking needs have not yet been satisfied by the time you reach the end of the Gyllenhielm trail, there is an extension of the trail from Sundbyholm to Björsund where it connects with the Pilgrimage trail, which continues on the other side of the inlet.


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