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The Ebeling museum

Ebelingmuseet, which can be found in Torshälla, is an art museum which exhibits art mainly by the local artist Allan Ebeling.

Painting, ceramics and sculptures

The Ebeling museum displays mainly paintings, ceramics and sculptures by the local artist Allan Ebeling, but work done by Allan’s daughters Harriett and Marianne is also put up for display. Furthermore, the museum displays a photo exhibition with historic photographs from Torshälla, and other temporary exhibitions.

Showings and an art-workshop

The museum hosts an art-workshop for private individuals and groups who can book an appointment for a creative space. It’s possible to book showings of the museum, or participate in public showings. Several of Allan Ebeling’s works can also be seen as public art in Torshälla.


Phone: +46 16-710 73 05


Address: Ebelingmuseet, 631 86 Eskilstuna

Web: (translated with Google)

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