Ekeby Våtmark

Ekeby Wetland

On the outskirts of Eskilstuna, you’ll find Ekeby wetland (Ekeby våtmark in Swedish). A perfect excursion destination and recreation area for those who are interested in bird watching, studying plants or want to go for a leisurely walk.

Ekeby Wetland is a park area that benefits the environment

Located along the Eskilstuna River on the outskirts of Eskilstuna, you can discover the serene park Ekeby Wetland. A perfect excursion destination open to visitors around the clock, all year round.

Bird watching

Ekeby Wetland is a popular place for migratory birds to rest. During spring and autumn you can discover a variety of unique bird species. With its rich flora and diversity, the wetland is a place where many plants and animals thrive. Bring binoculars and go to one of the bird towers and have a look!

Bird watching tower in Ekeby Våtmark

Photo: Therese Andersson

Perfect for walks and picnics

There are marked walking paths for both longer and shorter walks at Ekeby, with rest areas where you can enjoy a packed lunch or coffee.

Sweden's largest landscaped wetland

Ekeby Wetland is Sweden's largest landscaped wetland with its 40 hectares and 8 large ponds, but it is not only what is impressive about the wetland - it is also part of the purification process that contributes to reducing nitrogen emissions in Lake Mälaren by as much as 75 tonnes per year by converting it into harmless nitrogen.

How to get here

Ekeby våtmark is a short drive away from central Eskilstuna, you can either drive yourself or hop on a buss from town. It is also possible to get to the wetland by bike, or on foot, by following the river from central Eskilstuna.

Nearby destinations

Ekeby våtmark is also located right next to ReTuna Återbruksgalleria (Recycling Mall), take the opportunity to make a climate-smart shopping trip on your excursion - or continue the journey through the wetland out to the charming small town Torshälla by following the Eskilstuna river.


Address: Ekeby våtmark, 635 10 Eskilstuna

Web: Eem.se (SWE)