Gamla byggnader i Torshälla


Torshälla is a town just over 700 years old, with charming wooden houses and cobblestoned lanes.

Culture, history and small town charm in Torshälla

In the town´s church from the middle ages, you can see Albertus Pictor´s unique vault and wall paintings from the 1400s. Do not miss the mill, the town hall or Bergströmska gården, a Torshälla mansion from the 1700s.

Torshälla was the home of the famous artist Allan Ebeling, whose work is mainly exhibited at the Ebeling Museum. Several of his creations can also be viewed in other places in the town. Discover more works of art at the beautiful Holmerget with it's sculpture park.

Flowers outside Bergströmska gården

Photo: Therese Andersson, Bergströmska gården