Två skidåkare som åker bredvid varandra i ett vintrigt landskap.

Skiing in Eskilstuna

In Eskilstuna, you can ski both cross-country and downhill. There are both natural trails and artificial snow trails for cross-country skiing, and a groomed ski slope, Vilstabacken, with artificial snow for downhill skiing.

Skiing in Eskilstuna, from cross-country to downhill skiing

Newly fallen snow, crunching under your feet, and white breath. When the snow has come, you can finally go out and ski. Go for a refreshing workout in a suitable ski trail or speed down Vilstabacken at high speed. Dress warmly and enjoy the snow.

Downhill skiing and ski slopes

If it's adrenaline and speed you're looking for, Vilstabacken is the best option. Here you get to feel the wind in your face and that lovely feeling in your stomach as you whiz down the slope. Go slalom or fly down the slope at the speed of the wind.

Cross-country skiing and cross-country trails

If you prefer to go cross-country skiing, there are several trails to choose from, both natural and artificial snow trails. Whether you want to stride forward at a leisurely pace or have hard-core exercise on the track, there is something to suit everyone. Several of the trails are lit so you can go skiing even after dark.

Skiing for children

At Vilsta Ski Stadium, there is a ski school that focuses on downhill skiing. The ski school is organized by Tunafors slalom and the focus is on learning through having fun.

A boy and a woman are sledding on their stomachs down a hill. A girl is kneeling in the background, watching.

Photo: Micke Sandström

Rent skis and ski equipment

If you only ski a few times a season, it may be a good idea to rent skis, boots, and other equipment you need.