Två flickor som åker pulka

Vilsta Ski Stadium

Vilsta Ski Stadium draws a diverse crowd during the skiing season - from elite athletes to leisure time skiers and families enjoying a day out together, people of all ages and skill levels are flocking to the area.

Vilsta - outdoor fun in all seasons

The beautiful outdoor area of Vilsta is always bustling with activity. In the summer, visitors can enjoy camping near the water, hiking in the woods, playing ball games on green meadows and swimming in the area's lovely swimming area. And in the winter, there are plenty of fun activities in the snow.

Pack a backpack with hot chocolate and snacks, and head to Vilsta to have a great day out. Rent equipment on-site through Sporthyra, or simply relax and soak up the sun while watching all the action.

Downhill and cross-country skiing

Vilsta offers a variety of skiing options for all levels. The "Vilstabacken" slope is a popular destination for slalom skiers, with a descent that is groomed every night for excellent conditions and a lift suitable for all sizes. Those who prefer cross-country skiing can enjoy the forested areas, with both natural and artificial snow trails, varying in difficulty. In heavy snow winters, there are also open-area ski tracks. Some trails are free to use while others may have a small fee. Whether you are looking for a relaxing afternoon ski or a challenging workout, there is a trail that will suit your needs.

Wintergames for children

Vilsta ski area offers a variety of winter games for children. Right next to the slalom slope, you will find what many consider to be the best sledding hill in Eskilstuna, perfect for both children and adults to spend an entire day playing. Another great experience for kids is trying cross-country skiing in the ski playground, where the skiing is more playful with bumps, obstacles, hills, and toys.

Have a delicious pause and replenish your energy

Vilsta Sportcafé is conveniently located just below the ski slope for those who need to refuel. You can enjoy a meal at the café or choose to eat your packed lunch next to it. There's also an outdoor barbecue area nearby, perfect for a cozy lunch in the fresh air.

Three kids grilling hotdogs below the ski slope

Photo: Micke Sandström