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Två flickor som åker pulka

Vilsta Ski Stadium

Elite athletes, leisure time skiers and families enjoying a day
out together – people of all ages and skill levels are flocking
to Vilsta Ski Stadium in the skiing season.

Vilsta - outdoor fun in all seasons

The delightful outdoor area of Vilsta bustles with activity all year
round. Camping close to the water, large stretches of woods with hiking
trails, green meadows, which are perfect for ball games, and a wonderful swimming
area makes Vilsta a popular destination during the summer. And in the winter
months, there usually loads of people here for days packed with fun in the snow.

So pack your backpack with hot chocolate and cakes and enjoy a wonderful
day in Vilsta. You can rent equipment on site via Sporthyra. If you’re not all that
keen on sport, it can be just as delightful to lean back against the cabin wall,
soak up the sun and enjoy the sight of all the activity.

Downhill and cross-country skiing

Many slalom skiers are attracted to the slope in Vilsta, ”Vilstabacken” and the downhill possibilites it provides. In the slalom slope there is a descent which is prepared every night to maintain excellent condition, and there’s a lift suitable for all sizes to smoothly get you up the hill. For those who prefers skiing on a horizontal plane, there are som very nice cross-country ski trails in the forest areas, and during snow heavy winters there’s also ski-tracks in the open areas. There are both natural trails which are free to use and artificial snow trails which cost a small fee. The terrain varies alot between the trails, so regardless if you want to go for some relaxing skiing in the afternoon or a hard-core exercise run, there's a track that suit your needs.

Wintergames for children

Right next to the slalom slope you'll find what is arguably the best sledge hill in Eskilstuna. Play-craving children and adults alike can easily entertain themselves here an entire day. Another fun experience for children is trying cross-country skiing in the ski-playground. The skiing is more playful when the kids ski among bumps, obstacles, hills and toys.

Have a delicious pause and replenish your energy

Vilsta Sportcafé is located just below the slope for those needing to refill their energy tanks. If you wish, you can eat your packed lunch adjacent to the restaurant. And there is a barbecue below the slope, perfect for those who would rather enjoy a cosy lunch outdoors.

Three kids grilling hotdogs below the ski slope

Photo: Micke Sandström

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