Forest in yellow and signs in different coulors

Explore the hiking trails

There are many hiking trails of varied length in Eskilstuna's surroundings.

Hikingtrails in Eskilstuna

  • The family friendly trail Vilstarundan, a part of Sörmlandsleden , offers a superb day trip with many beautiful sights along the way.
  • We recommend Åstråket if you want to take a pleasurable city-walk or run in the downtown of Eskilstuna.
  • Gyllenhielmska leden is a nice hiking trail from Eskilstuna, which runs for 36 kilometers through Torshälla to Sundbyholm. You hike through the forest along narrow gravel paths in the beautiful countryside.
  • The longest trail, Sörmlandsleden, runs for 1000 kilometers. For accomodation there are shelters and when it's time for a pause to rest, you'll find several nice picnic areas along the trail. Sörmlandsleden includes circular loops of different lengths. One such loop starts at Vilsta in Eskilstuna.