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Sörmlandsleden hiking trail

Sörmlandsleden, named after the county of Sörmland, is a hiking trail that traverses the cultural and natural landscape of Sörmland County. Stretching approximately 1000 kilometers, the trail is divided into several stages. Among them, the Vilsta stage can be found in Eskilstuna.

Several stages of varying characteristics

The different stages are of varying characteristics, from an easy-going walk to a more demanding hike. Along the trail there are set places to rest and windscreens to sleep in. At Sörmlandsleden’s website there is a map and description of the entire trail and detailed maps about the different stages.

The Vilsta-stage

The Vilsta-stage is the stage set in Eskilstuna. It’s a circular stage, about 8 kilometres long, in a beautiful wildlife preserve with rich flora. The stage starts at the hill known as Skjulstaberget, where you will be met by a fantastic view over Eskilstunaån, the river that flows through Eskilstuna. You will also find ruins of strongholds that once stood along the trail here.

Refrain from cykling on Sörmlandsleden

The association Sörmlandsleden recommends that you refrain from riding bicykles och horse ridning on Sörmlandsleden. Their agreement with landowners only give them permission to have a hiking trail on their lands. Cycling and horseriding can damage sensitive grounds.