Konstverk utomhus i en grönskande park

Holmberget and the sculpture park

In the heart of Torshälla lies Holmberget, Torshälla's city park, which has existed for over 100 years. Next to Holmberget is a small sculpture park that gradually expands with art in various forms. You can visit the park any time, all year round.

The sculpture park in Torshälla gathers artworks from different eras

Several well-known works by artists such as Bo Englund and Allan Ebeling have been carefully moved to the park and are accompanied by newly acquired artworks. The mixture of classic and modern pieces creates a unique atmosphere in the park. The experience feels like strolling through an art studio with a rich variety of artworks, but outdoors. Everyone can find something to be inspired by, whether you are a seasoned art enthusiast or just want to spend a pleasant day in the park

  • Skulpturgruppen Morfogenes by Bo Englund
  • Manteln (the cloak) by Ebba Bohlin
  • Stella Stjärnskådare (Stella Stargazer) by Bianca Maria Barmen
  • Konungen by Yvonne T Larsson
  • Jazzkapellet och Saxofonisten (The Jazz Chapel and The Saxophonist) by Allan Ebeling
  • Legacy by Fredrik Norén


Holmberget is a beautiful park oasis in Torshälla. The park, which is over 100 years old, is primarily the work of the city gardener and local history enthusiast Georg Nyström. He devoted a significant part of his life making Holmberget a splendid park facility. Holmberget Park offers winding paths, statues, and beautiful views of old Torshälla.


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