Bild i den folktomma skateparken Zero One Six där man ser ramper  och streetyta.

Zero One Six Skatepark

Zero One Six Skatepark in Eskilstuna is one of the largest indoor skateparks in Sweden, providing ample space for skateboarding, kickbiking, BMX riding, and inline skating.

Skateboarding, kickbiking or inline skating both indoors and outdoors

Zero One Six Skatepark is a 1200m² facility, providing ample room for all skateboarding, kickbiking and inline skating enthusiasts. The indoor and outdoor areas offer plenty of space to spend a full day practicing tricks and enjoying the sport.

Events and more activities

If you're tired after a full day of riding, you can unwind in the cafeteria, grab a burger or why not challenge your friends in a video game? Zero One Six has many different activities making it the perfect place for those who want to have fun! In addition to the regular program, Zero One Six usually has other activities, often during the holidays, such as LAN with overnight stays, hot dog eating contest and other fun stuff. Please check the website regularly, as different events pop up from time to time.

Zero One Six Skatepark offers more than just skating, visitors can relax in the café, grab a burger, or challenge friends to a video game. The skate park has a variety of activities that make it the perfect place for fun and entertainment. In addition to regular activities, Zero One Six also hosts events such as LAN parties with overnight stays, hot dog eating contests and other fun events. Be sure to check Zero One Six's website regularly for updates on upcoming events.

Rent equipment

Do you wish to try skateboarding, inline skating or kick biking but don't have your own equipment? For a small fee you can rent both skates and protective equipment. Perfect for first timers!

Rent the entire skatepark

To ride at Zero One Six you must be a member, this applies both indoors and outdoors and even if it's just a one-off visit. However, if you have rented the skatepark, visitors count as part of the closed party. More information and prices for membership and rentals can be found on their website. The hall can be rented by schools, youth groups and for children's parties.


Phone: +16 16-12 12 16


Address: Skjulstagatan 3, 632 29 Eskilstuna

Web: (SWE)