Munktellbadet (Munktell Bathing House) is one of Sweden's most modern swimming facilities, catering to everyone - children and adults, athletes and beginners.

Located in the Munktellstaden area of Eskilstuna, the facility features a 50-meter pool, two multi-purpose pools, a relaxation pool, and a family pool all with views of the Eskilstuna River.

A family bath, swimming hall and a relax

The family bath, which is the core of the facility, offers many attractions that are suitable for children of all ages. These attractions are based on interaction and cooperation. For very young children, there is a miniature pool with a maximum depth of 3 dm, featuring simpler activities. Older children can enjoy a climbing wall, rapids, a water slide, chess, and a Jacuzzi, among other things."

Large indoor swimming pool

Munktellbadet features a large indoor swimming pool, measuring 50 meters in length and 25 meters in width. This is perfect for those who enjoy swimming laps and practicing their strokes.

River Relax

River Relax is a place for relaxation where you can enjoy the latest technology in relaxation, combined with the tried-and-true art of sauna. Here, you'll find, among other things, an aufguss sauna with essential oils and a relaxing sanarium. Don't miss the opportunity to try Kallsvallet (cold surge), a cold water shower that leaves an impression. For the full experience, try it after heating up in the sauna or hot spring and feel the contrast between warmth and cold.

Please note that there is an age restriction in place at River Relax. For more details, visit Munktellbadets webpage.

Food and beverages

Serving of food and beverages can be found at the entrance and in the family bath, and for the guests at River Relax as well.

SUP rental

During the summer Munktellbadet also offers stand up paddle boards for those who would like to discover Eskilstuna from the river. Paddle on your own or try some SUP safari or SUP yoga.


Phone: +46 16-10 01 30

E-mail: info@munktellbadet.se

Address: Pråmskjulstorget, 633 42, Eskilstuna

Web: munktellbadet.se (SWE)