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The Cinema Biostaden

Biostaden Svenska Bio (Swedish Cinema) is a top modern cineplex in Eskilstuna. Biostaden, which was inaugurated in december 2020 has one of Swedens largest screens.

The cinema which bet big

Biostaden in Eskilstuna premiered Christmas 2020 and is the cinema-chain Swedish Cinema's most ambitious project ever. With eight cinemas and one of Swedens largest screens, (175 square meters) Biostaden can offer their guests both a wide selection of movies, and an unbeatable movie experience.

A unique cinema experience of superb quality

The cinemas have room for five different type of recliners. Everything from classic cinema recliners to wing chairs and electric recliners. "State of the art" -sound system throughout, and the latest digital projection technology equipped with laser projectors. Cinema 1 is equipped with no less than twelve 18 inch base speakers. Every cinema differs a little from each other regarding colors, choice of materials and size to create a unique cinema experience. Which cinema will be your favourite?

En stor biosalong i svart och rött

A wink to the 1920's

The cineplex is created with the inspiration of art déco and the details shows in the over two thousand meters of fabric which dresses the cinema walls. Between the draperies there are visible illuminated pilasters that are made from sound absorbents to make sure that the movie experience is of absolute top class. In the foyer there are antique wall lamps seated, and the walls are paneled aswell as painted with muted colors. In a checkerboard patterned ceiling there are mirrors recessed. Farthest inside the cinema there is a tribute to Lasse Åberg, and the movie treasure he created. Don't miss to visit the toilet stalls, where every tiny detail has been designed.



Address: Kungsgatan 66, 631 21 Eskilstuna

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