Röda gamla timmerstugor i Rademaschersmedjorna

Old Town's Pottery

The old town's pottery is a small pottery centrally located in Rademachersmedjorna. Buy handmade ceramics that are made on site or try the handicraft yourself.

Handmade ceramics and crafts

The old town's pottery is run by the potter Maria Englund. Maria is one of few in Sweden who holds a Master's Certificate in pottery and she is Sörmland's first master in the craft. In addition to Maria's ceramics, the pottery also sells handicraft products such as wool, leather, silver clay, candles and more.

Make your own pottery

The old town's pottery offers the opportunity to try the handicraft yourself, both individually and in groups. Courses, events, bridal showers and parties can be tailored to your wishes.

InfoPoint - tourist information in the store

The old town pottery is an authorized Infopoint. Take the opportunity to see and experience more of Eskilstuna and the surrounding area when you are here. The store has free maps and brochures of places to visit in the area. You can also get help with simple questions.


Phone: +46 70-8794513

E-mail: gamlastadenskrukmakeri@gmail.com

Address: Rademachergatan 42-50, 632 20 Eskilstuna

Web: Gamla Stadens krukmakeri on Facebook (SWE)