Två små pojkar springer och leker på Leos Lekland. På bilden syns stora färgglada klätterställningar och två tigrar och en stor elefant i plast.

The Playland Leos Lekland

At Leos Lekland (playland) in Eskilstuna, you can climb, jump, and play to your heart's content!

Lots of fun for kids of all ages

Leos Lekland is the Nordic region's largest playland chain with facilities in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. There are a plethora of different things to do for anyone looking to have some fun at Leos Lekland. Play in the ball pit, climb a volcano, cycle, play air hockey, defend a ship with ball cannons, jump trampoline, ride slides and much more.

Eat and surf the web at Leos

At Leo's café and restaurant there is coffee and a wide selection of food and drinks which suits both small and large stomachs. Free access to parking and wifi for visitors.

Party at Leos Lekland

Leo's Lekland specializes in creating memorable children's parties with a decade of experience. They offer a range of customizable and ready-made packages, ensuring a stress-free celebration that delights kids of all ages.


Phone: +46 16 12 13 00


Address: Bredängsgatan 55, 633 46 Eskilstuna

Web: (SWE)