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Escape Room

Escape Room Eskilstuna is centrally located in Gallerian and is an adventurous activity for groups of two and up to seven people. By working together, collecting clues and solving puzzles, the goal is to get out of a locked room in 60 minutes.

Escape Room Eskilstuna

Escape Room is an activity that requires both teamwork and a sharp mind from the participants. Locked in a room, the group must work together to find clues and solve puzzles to get out. It will be a race against the clock to complete the mission within 60 minutes.

The activity tests participants' ability to solve problems together, and the whole team's creativity and senses are needed to find hiding places, solve puzzles and interpret clues. An intellectual adventure equally suited to a company kick-off as a family activity, it can be booked for groups of at least two and up to seven people. The adventure is suitable for anyone aged 14 and over, but younger children can also participate in the company of an adult.

Bank robbery and the spaceship

Each escape room has a unique theme and in Eskilstuna you can book your adventure in the two rooms Bank Robbery and The Spaceship.

In Bank Robbery, something unexpected happens despite a perfectly planned bank robbery. This is when you and your group need to find the only way out. The fight against the clock has begun!

In The Spaceship, you are part of the crew on a spaceship captured by the army of darkness. It's up to you to free the ship and rescue your team before time runs out.


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Address: Gallerian, Kungsgatan 10, Eskilstuna

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