Homemade bread rustic sourdough, in chef hands

Svart/Verkstan Bakery

The Stora Hult estate outside Eskilstuna is the location which the well known baker Johan Sörberg has chosen for his hobby project Svart/Verkstan. Delicious bread and pastries made with local ingredients.

Sourdough, sweet buns and neighbours delicacies for sale

Svart/Verkstan is a test bakery, a place where Johan can have a little fun. The shelves are full of popular bread and pastries. The bakery announces open days on their Facebook and Instagram page. When the bakery is open the surrounding neighbours also have the opportunity to sell flowers and delicacies.


Phone: +46 73-986 44 42

E-mail: info@svartverkstan.se

Address: Stora Hult Trantorp, 635 13 Eskilstuna

Web: Svart/verkstan Facebook page (SWE)