Välfylld våffla med parmaskinka och grönsaker

Fristadens Café & Våffla

Fristadens Café & Våffla is located in the Rademacher Forges in central Eskilstuna. Here you can enjoy both savory and sweet waffles. They also offer treats for the fluffiest members of the family.

Waffle hut in the Rademacher Forges

At Fristadens Café & Våffla, located in the historic Rademacher Forges, you'll find a variety of waffles in different shapes and flavors. In addition to classic crispy waffles, they offer bubble waffles in a cone, Belgian waffles, langos waffles and even waffles on a stick. They also serve shrimp sandwiches, pastries and poké bowls.

Coffee and lunch in a historic setting

The beautiful 17th-century surroundings of the open-air museum the Rademacher Forges attract visitors for both coffee breaks and lunch. There are plenty of seating options both indoors and outdoors.

Renowned chef

Tom Forsberg, the chef behind Fristadens Café & Våffla, also runs a restaurant in Malmköping. He is highly regarded and has been hired as a chef by organizations such as the Swedish Golf Federation, the Swedish Olympic Committee as well as the Swedish Skiing and Biathlon Association.

Treats for the dog

At Fristadens Café & Våffla, dogs can also enjoy some treats. On the dogs own menu you'll find items like biscuits, croissants and ice cream pastries.


Phone: +46 16-700 96

E-mail: info@fristadenscafe.se

Address: Rademachergatan 44, 632 20 Eskilstuna

Web: fristadenscafe.se