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Saga Salongen & Saga Bakfickan

In a historic neighborhood cinema in the heart of Torshälla, Tomas Sifarow runs the bar and music scene Saga Salongen, along with the restaurant Saga Bakfickan.

Pub and music scene run by a real enthusiast

Saga Salongen hosts intimate gigs with famous artists, after work and pub nights. A music experience with an intimate feel, a bit like being at home in someone's living room.

The man behind Saga Salongen is Tomas Sifarow. He is a big music enthusiast who has contributed to Eskilstuna and Torshälla having a vibrant and active music scene for most of his life . Restaurant Saga Bakfickan offers festive food as well as catering during evenings and weekends.


The cinema had been more or less unused since the mid-1980s before Tomas took over Saga. The premises have been carefully restored to the same condition as in the glory days of the 1940-60s and have been updated with both picture, sound and lighting systems in the lounge to meet today's technical requirements. Today the cinema is used as a multi-arena for concerts, lectures, corporate functions, dinners, cinema on canvas and private parties.


Phone: +46 70-572 42 04


Address: Storgatan 52, 64431 Torshälla

Web: (SWE)