A timber hotel in the winter

Herrfallet Camping and Holiday Park

Herrfallet is a leisure and conference facility situated in a nature reserve by Lake Hjälmaren.

You can enjoy the beautiful area in peace and quiet or choose to have a more active holiday, participating in Herrfallets winter and summer activities.

In this scenic environment, you can easily arrange a rewarding conference. Herrfallet also offers a variety of activities to brighten the conference with.

Camping, cottage village and a timber hotel close to nature

At Herrfallet you stay close to nature in a nature conservation area on a headland in Hjälmaren. You can choose to either stay in your own caravan or motorhome, or in one of the facility's well-equipped cottages. The complex also has a timber hotel with well-equipped double and single rooms.

Winter and summer activities

Herrfallet offers activities which suit just about everyone, regardless if you prefer an active stay or relaxtion. There are pleasant walking trails and exercise tracks as well as beautiful berry and mushroom fields. During the summer you have access to a nice swimming area with a sandy beach. There are groomed cross-country trails if you would like to do some skiiing in the winter, and lake Hjälmaren is excellent for iceskating. Equipment for fishing and ice fishing is available to rent.

Plan your conference at Herrfallets Camping and Holidaypark

Herrfallets Camping and Holidaypark has several options if you want to arrange a rewarding conference close to beautiful nature. There are great opportunities to combine your conference with one of the facility's many activities.


Phone: +46 589-401 10

E-mail: reception@herrfallet.se

Address: Herrfallet AB, 732 93 Arboga

Web: herrfallet.se