Ångslupen Gerrda

S/S Gerda The steam launch

The steam launch (translates "ångslupen" in Swedish) Gerda runs tours on Lake Näshultasjön, from the steamboat pier in Bälgviken, and occasionally on the Eskilstuna River (Eskilstunaån.

Gerda is a charming and experienced lady

The charming old steam launch Gerda was built in 1865 and usually chugs along the Eskilstuna River (Eskilstunaån) during the summer. It is possible to charter S/S Gerda for various activities such as weddings, baptisms or in other contexts.


Phone: +46 70-559 1865

E-mail: info@gerda.nu

Web: Gerda.nu (SWE)