An old red bike detail with a shallow depth of field on a rainy fall day.  Focus on the seat.

The railway embankment bicycle trail

Enjoy a leisurely bike ride on the old (and, rest assured, unused) railway embankment between Eskilstuna and Ärla. The roughly 12-kilometer-long asphalted cycling trail offers a smooth and easy route, passing through a pleasant and lush natural landscape.

A cycling trail for everyone

Today it is possible to walk, cycle or ride a horse along the old railway and, in an environmentally friendly and cosy way, experience Eskilstuna’s gorgeous surroundings. The trains used to pass this trail on their way to Stockholm, before the new railway was introduced in 1997. The trail starts southeast of the regional hospital Mälarsjukhuset, at the street Odlarvägen, and runs through charming parts of Sörmland’s nature. Seeing as the terrain isn’t particularly hilly, the trail fits everyone.