träbro över vattenspegel i grönskande lövskog

Outdoor areas and nature reserves in Eskilstuna

One of Eskilstuna's strengths is the city's proximity to energy-giving forests. No matter where you are in Eskilstuna and Torshälla, you are never far from a recreational outdoor area or nature reserve.

Experience diverse nature in Eskilstunas outdoor areas

Eskilstuna has several beautiful outdoor areas, bubbling with activity, both during the summer and in the winter.

  • Sundyholm's nature reserve and outdoor area has diverse nature, nice hiking trails, a guest harbor with café and restaurant, and a bathing area with the longest natural sand beach in Lake Mälaren.
  • Kronskogen-Stenby äng nature reserve & outdoor area is a popular outdoor area where you can enjoy a run in the trails, but also discover rich forest environments and cultivated landscapes.
  • Årby nature reserve and outdoor area is found just outside of central Eskilstuna and contains varied nature with cultivated landscapes, meadows and forested hills.
  • In Vilsta nature reserve and outdoor area there are hiking and walking trails of different lengths, some of them have evening lighting. There are also trails for mountain biking and courses for frisbee golf and miniature golf.

There are 18 nature reserves in Eskilstuna

Eskilstuna has several beautiful nature reserves with everything from islands in Lake Mälaren and open landscapes to troll-like forests.

The nature reserves exist to protect valuable environments and species but also to make nature available for visitors and encourage outdoor recreation.

  • Hedlandet nature reserve
  • Sofiebergsåsen's nature reserve
  • Ridö-Sundbyholm's archipelago nature reserve
  • Skäret nature reserve
  • Askholmen nature reserve
  • Ekbacken nature reserve
  • Gökstenen nature reserve
  • Hamra nature reserve
  • Herrfallet nature reserve
  • Kronskogen-Stenby äng nature reserve
  • Kvarntorp nature reserve
  • Skäret nature reserve
  • Sofiebergsåsen
  • Sundyholm's nature reserve
  • Tolamossen & Skiren-Kvicken nature reserve
  • Tovhulta Stormosse nature reserve
  • Sörfjärden nature reserve
  • Varglyan nature reserve
  • Vilsta nature reserve
  • Årby nature reserve
Archipelago in Lake Mälaren.

Ridön - a part of Lake Mälarens archipelago.