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Eskilstuna is sometimes called ”the town between the lakes”, since you always have fishing waters close by. You can even catch rainbow trout in the glittering river Eskilstunaån (Eskilstuna River) that flows through the city centre.


No fishing license needed for fishing in the Eskilstuna River during 2023 due to lack of farmed fish.

Fishing in the Eskilstuna River does not require a fishing license currently, due to the lack of farmed fish in central Sweden. The area which previously required a fishing license, between Stålforsbron and Faktoriholmarna does no longer require a license. Fishing in the Eskilstuna River is free, with the exception of the Torshälla River, where there is a total fishing ban during certain periods of the year.

Fishing in Eskilstunaån (Eskilstuna river)

The Eskilstuna river flows through the city center, connecting the two lakes Mälaren and Hjälmaren. You can fish in the river so bring your fishing rod – or by all means rent one, and hope for a good catch.

Fishing in lake Mälaren

Lake Mälaren which is partly located in Eskilstuna is Sweden’s third largest lake.

Fishing in Lake Mälaren is free for both Swedish and foreign citizens – however, this only applies to fishing with hand-held equipment.

There are 32 known species in Lake Mälaren. The most common species is the perch, but you can also catch zander, salmon, eel, pike, trout, carp, and whitefish to mention a few. Be mindful of the size of the fish that you catch! If they are too small, carefully release them back into the lake. Minimum size for pike is 40 cm, and for zander 45 cm.

Fishing in Lake Hjälmaren

Lake Hjälmaren is the fourth largest lake in Sweden. Fishing is free for everyone in public waters and in the free fishing area of Mellanfjärden in Lake Hjälmaren. However, free fishing is limited by both duration and which tools you can use. Fishing with hand-held equipment is free in the entire lake.

In Lake Hjälmaren there are 24 different species of fish as well as crayfish. Perch, zander, salmon, eel, pike, trout, carp and whitefish among others.

Rent a boat and fishing equipment

At Importspecialisten in Eskilstuna you can rent a boat and fishing rod. You can also book a knowledgeable guide who will show you the best spots and optimize your chances of catching fish.


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