Hällristningen Sigurdsristningen.

Discover runestones by bike

Take a leisurely bike ride and discover some of all the rune stones between Eskilstuna and Sundbyholm, where the mighty and unique Sigurdsristningen (Sigurd’s carving) proudly stands.

Easily cycled tour via some of Eskilstuna's ancient remains

Discover some of Eskilstuna's runestones on an easy and enjoyable bike ride from Eskilstuna to Sundbyholm. Along the approximately 13 km long route, you make five stops and visit, among others, a newly discovered rune stone in Eskilstuna, the Stora Tidö-stone. At each runestone there is an information board which tells the story of that specific stone.

Picnic-spots along the way

Pack a picnic basket and replenish your energy during the bike ride. Along the ride there are several nice places to spread out your picnic blanket and enjoy the green surroundings.