Stor kyrka med två torn i tegel

Klosters Church

Klosters Church in Eskilstuna was inaugurated in 1929 and is located opposite Stadsparken, by the Eskilstuna River. It is the parish's largest and second oldest church.

A magnificent church drawn by Otar Hökerberg

The church was drawn by the architect Otar Hökerberg and was completed in 1929. It is 70 meters long, 20 meters wide and the two towers reach a height of 62 meters.

Altarpieces, church silver and textiles

The coat of arms above the main portal you can see a sculpture representing St. Eskil and at the front door, brass plaques of the apostles Paul and Peter.

The altarpiece is from the 17th century and was made by the Flemish master Martin de Vos. The altarpiece is in gray marbled 20th century baroque, as is the entire church's interior.

The church owns a significant collection of church textiles. In addition, there is church silver from different eras.

Several organs in the church

The church's main organ is from 1973 and is placed on the pulpit above the entrance. Behind the main organ is the church's former organ, built for the inauguration in 1929 and in the choir there is a choir organ built in 2004.

Yngve Lundström's colorful window stands behind the organ and has fourteen motifs that show scenes from the legend of St. Eskil, the saint who gave his name to Eskilstuna.


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