Barn som leker i utställningen Lilla Stadsmuseet

Eskilstuna City Museum

Eskilstuna City Museum (Eskilstuna stadsmuseum in swedish) in central Eskilstuna is a museum for everyone, regardless of age. The museum hosts a gift shop, a smaller café and different exhibitions portraying the history of Eskilstuna. A part of the museum, Lilla Stadsmuseet, is dedicated to children.

Experience Eskilstunas history at the City Museum

The museum has both permanent and temporary exhibitions, and different lectures, workshops, events and showings are arranged during the year.

Did you know there was a large royal castle in the middle of Eskilstuna during the 17th century? Or that factories in Eskilstuna used to produce weaponry such as blades for rapiers, sabres and cutlasses? This, and much more, is what you can experience at the museum.

Industrial- and engineering history

On entrance level you will find the large steam engine hall, which displays steam machinery from different factories in Eskilstuna. Apart from the (still functioning!) steam engines there is also a steam locomotive that you can board, a traction engine and a steam-powered fire engine. Adjacent to the hall there is a room with a mechanical workshop, where you will find machinery used in the beginning of the 20th century. In the room known as "Faktotum" both adults and children can experiment and learn about magnetism, electricity and centrifugal force.

Detaljbild från Eskilstuna Stadsmuseum

Photo: Therese Andersson

The Little City Museum/Lilla Stadsmuseet

Lilla Stadsmuseet, which roughly translates to The Little City Museum, is the place to be for curious and active children – it’s a lovely experience where children and adults can relive Eskilstuna’s history together. Why not prepare a royal dinner in the castle that once stood in Eskilstuna? Or become a captain on the steamboat Eskilstuna? Or help Matilda in her café by Rinman’s Square? You can also climb among the chimneys that once towered the old industrial part of the city, or perhaps go fishing in the royal pond.

Gift shop and café

By the entrance there’s a gift shop that offers a locally produced, ethical and environmentally friendly selection of gifts and goods. You will also find a small café that sells locally produced, organic and Fairtrade-certified Swedish fika.


Phone: +46 16-710 23 75


Address: Faktorigatan 4C, 632 20, Eskilstuna

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