Stor tegelbyggnad utmed Eskilstunaån

The badminton hall

Play badminton in Eskilstuna? Absolutely, everyone is welcome to Eskilstuna Badminton Hall.

Eskilstuna badminton hall in Munktellstaden

The badminton hall in Eskilstuna is located in the Munktell area, right next to MunktellArenan and Munktellbadet.

Here, anyone can play and book a court. Eskilstuna Badminton Club offers training for all ages.

Badminton shop

In the badminton hall is a shop where you can buy rackets and shoes, among other things.


Phone: +46 16-12 30 80


Address: Holger Lindmarks plats 2, 633 42 Eskilstuna

Web: (SWE)