Kvinna i linbana

The adventure course in Vilsta

The Adventure Course in Vilsta, on the outskirts of Eskilstuna, is a challenging and fun activity for groups of all ages.

A path among the treetops

The Adventure Course in Vilsta nature reserve runs over 25 stations between five and nine metres up in the trees and ends with a cable car. You are recommended to be at least 8 years old and 150 cm tall to take on the Adventure Course. The course is open all year round and a visit usually takes about two hours. The Adventure Course is a bookable activity for groups of eight people or more and is located to the right of Vilstabacken. Want to challenge yourself, break boundaries and grow mentally? Then the Adventure Course is the activity for you!

Äventyr 4-you offers other team exercises

The company Äventyr (Adventure) 4-you also offers other events and packages for groups, such as paintball, canoeing and team exercises.


Phone: +46 70-651 25 75

E-mail: info@aventyr4you.se

Address: Vilsta friluftsområde, 632 29 Eskilstuna

Web: aventyr4you.se (SWE)