White wine

Wine, delicious wine

If you fancy a glass of red or white, there are some fine bars with extensive wine selections for you to explore in Eskilstuna.

The two best places for wine in Eskilstuna

There is a wine for every occasion, and sometimes drinking wine is the occasion.

At VinÄger by Plaza, wine is a star

At VinÄger by Plaza, located in central Eskilstuna, wine is the star. Their selection is sophisticated, varied and extensive. Whether you're a seasoned oenophile or an absolute beginner there's definitely a wine you can appreciate at VinÄger.

Discover the world of natural wine at Passage

At Passage Vincafé (Wine Café) they take natural wines seriously! Let the expert staff teach you about ecological grapes, wild yeast, and unfiltered wines. If you have never tried natural wine before, there is a whole new world of wines to discover.