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People hiking in a sunlit forest

Cycle, hike, run & stroll!

In Eskilstuna you are always close to the countryside. Lars Andersson is a dedicated hiker and cyclist who spends a lot of time in the woods and country around Eskilstuna. Here are his three best woodland adventures.

Lars top 3 nature adventures in Eskilstuna

1. Bälgviken - Svalboviken

A 15-kilometre-long stretch of "Sörmlandsleden" (The Sörmland trail), beginning at Bälgviken station. The landscape is varied, with barren rocky terrain, lush beachside woods and flowering meadows.

2. Kronskogen - Stenby Äng

Park by Tuna Park and take the first path into the greenery. You will find yourself among beautiful meadows and pastures rich in flora, where hundreds of plants, insects and other animals find food and habitat.

3. Sofiebergsåsen nature reserve

Sofiebergsåsen is a lovely excursion for all hikers. You find your way here by going to Kjula church and following the signs.

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