Entrén till Stadsmissionens Second Hand

Stadsmissionens Second hand

At Stadsmissionens Second hand (the City Mission's Second hand store) located in central Eskilstuna, you can find used furniture, clothes and items. Stadsmissionen also provides people with an opportunity to return to the workforce through work training and internships. In this way, both items and people get a second chance.

InfoPoint - Tourist information at the store

Stadsmissionens Second hand is an authorized InfoPoint. Take the opportunity to see and experience more of Eskilstuna and its surroundings while you are here! In the store, you can pick up maps and brochures about places to visit and get assistance with simple inquiries.


Phone: 08-684 234 30

E-mail: info@eskilstunastadsmission.se

Address: Kungsgatan 22, 632 20, Eskilstuna

Web: eskilstunastadsmission.se/ (SWE)