Popcorn, läsk och mat från Pinchos


At Pinchos you'll enjoy dishes from all corners of the world in the form of tapas. Everything served is miniature and the restaurant has a circus theme that permeates the entire establishment, even the toilets!

Internationell dishes in the Spanish format tapas

At Pinchos, you can enjoy dishes from all corners of the world in tapas format. On the menu, you will find mini hamburgers, Asian dumplings, Hungarian langos, Italian mini pizzas and French creme brulée.

Playful (non alcoholic) drinks for all tastbuds

Just as with the food, the drink menu is inspired by people from all over the world. And there's something for everyone; everything from traditional mojitos, sangria, cold beer, and good wines to playful cocktail creations, which come in all the colors of the rainbow and tastes like candy.

Circus feeling XXL

The restaurant on Rademachergatan 6 is spectacularly decorated with a circus theme. Everything from the staff's clothing, the music playing, and the decor has been carefully considered to create the most… circus feeling possible!

Inredning i cirkusstil

Foto: Pinchos

At pinchos the waiter is in an app

The restaurant chain has its own app which you can download before your visit. You can use the app to book a table and check out the menu. Once you're there, use the app to place your order; when the food is ready, you'll get a notification on your phone and can pick up your food and drinks from the kitchen and bar yourself. When it's time to pay, you can choose whether you want to do it via the app (in which case you can also collect bonus points) or via the staff on site.


Phone: +46 70-889 95 09

Address: Rademachergatan 6, 63220 Eskilstuna

Web: pinchos.se (SWE)