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Phils Burger

Phils Burger, centrally located by the Eskilstuna River is one of the most popular burger restaurants in Eskilstuna.

High quality burgers and the crispiest fries in Eskilstuna

Hamburgers made from high quality locally sourced meat and Eskilstuna's perhaps crispiest fries can be enjoyed at Phils Burger. The meal you can choose to eat either inside the cozy premises or on the outdoor terrace with a view of the Eskilstuna River. The outdoor terrace is also a nice place to enjoy a drink and relax. Phils Burger is a part of a restaurant chain, with 12 restaurants divided between Eskilstuna, Stockholm and Uppsala.

Vegan alternatives

All burgers have the option of beeing served with the vegan meat alternative "Beyond Burger", a kind of “meat” made 100% from plants, but that still manages to retain the flavor of meat. There is also vegan cheese, vegan dip sauces and vegan milk shakes for a complete vegan meal.


Phone: +46 16–840 01 00


Address: Kungsgatan 1, 632 20 Eskilstuna

Web: (SWE)

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