en strand med solstolar och picknickbord. I förgrunden till höger en flagga som säger Miami najs

Miami Najs

In the City Park (Stadsparken) in central Eskilstuna, you'll find Miami Najs, a beach bar that evokes thoughts of the sunny South. A perfect spot to enjoy some delicious food and drinks while lounging in a sun chair.

Summer-open beach bar in the City Park

Sitting in a sun lounger with your feet in the sand and sipping on a refreshing drink. It might sound like something you do at a resort in southern Europe. However, this delightful experience can be had right here in Eskilstuna as well. The summer-open beach bar is located in the City Park, overlooking the Eskilstuna River.

Fresh food & najs vibe

Miami Najs' slogan is "Fresh food & nice vibe," and that's exactly what you'll get! The menu includes items such as wraps, bowls, fish tacos, along with plenty of summery drinks.

en hylla med olika flaskor och på väggen bakom en rosa neonskylt som säger Miami Najs

Food truck and catering

Miami Najs also offers catering. If you're a company or a group of over 50 people, they can even bring out their turquoise food truck and provide you with fantastic food.