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Jula vid Folkesta handelsplats väster om Eskilstuna.

Folkesta Trading Area

At Folkesta Trading Area, along E20, you'll find department stores where you can shop for clothes-, exercise-, food-, home- and leisure products as well as construction products.

Large stores with a lot of volume

The store premises in Folkesta are large and spacious. Here you'll find outlet stores and hardware stores.

Animals, nature and children

For everyone interested in animals and nature there are several transport-, animal- and horse shops. To the delight of many children there is a popular candy shop, a toystore, and a large indoors trampoline park at Folkesta.

Get to Folkesta

The easiest way to get to Folkesta is by car. The trading area is located between Folkestaleden and E20, at the outskirts of Eskilstuna.


Phone: +46 16-200 69 90


Address: Folkestaleden 40, 765 23 Eskilstuna


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