Eskilstuna city park during the summer. People sitting on the grass in a green park.

Parks and gardens

In Eskilstuna, it is never far to the green and beautiful. In the central parts of both Eskilstuna and Torshälla there are several lush and beautiful parks for everyone to enjoy.

Parks and gardens in Eskilstuna and Torshälla

The parks and gardens in Eskilstuna and Torshälla connects the city with nature. Providing a green venue for people to socialize, exercise and relax.

  • Eskilstuna stadspark (City park) is located right in central Eskilstuna. The park has playgrounds, open grass areas and an artificial sandy beach.
  • Located in Skogstorp, about 6 kilometres from Eskilstuna you'll find Rosenforsparken, a hidden gem with gorgeous nature and an old greenhouse.
  • While beeing loacted in central Eskilstuna, Rothoffsparken still manages to be secluded. The park was appointed as one of Swedens most beatiful parks in 2004 and offers a spectacular diversity of plants and flowers.
  • Holmberget is the city park of Torshälla, and adjacent to it lies Skulpturparken (the sculpture park). Skulpturparken contains many pieces of both classic and modern art, giving visitors the experience of an outdoor art exhibition.
Sculptures in the sculpture park in Torshälla.

The sculpturepark in Torshälla. Photo: Åsa Rönnholm