the singer Jocke Berg on stage

Walk in Kent's footsteps

Kent, one of Sweden's most cherished rock bands, originated in Eskilstuna in 1990. Despite disbanding in 2016, Kent remains deeply cherished in Eskilstuna, serving as a constant source of pride. Join us on a journey through the heart of Eskilstuna to explore the landmarks associated with Kent.

1. Smedjegatan 3

The story of Kent begins in Eskilstuna in 1990. Martin and Jocke decided to start a band with the name Jones & Giftet. The decision was made at Grönan, the cafeteria at S:t Eskil's high school. The building burned down in 1992 but was located opposite the school on the grass field. In the song "Järnspöken," Jocke sings about this event.

Black and white drawing of a tall building.

2. Järntorgsgatan 5, 5th floor

Martin Sköld lived in Sparreholm and commuted to high school in Eskilstuna until he got tired of doing so and got himself a one room apartment in the area Nyfors. The apartment became a central gathering place for the band, serving as a venue for pre-parties, parties, after-parties and rehearsals.

3. Alva Myrdals gata 4

The band does their first concert in Eskilstuna at the nightclub Knegoffs. It's a sunday and the people in the audience are no more than 10, the payment is 300kr. In the basement of Knegoff's was the club "Blå rummet," where the band played several times over the years. At one point, Martin Sköld lived in one of the attic apartments in the building.

Black and white drawing of a building with several small windows.

4. Nygatan 17

Vildsvinet, a restaurant in the city, was a trendy spot for young people, known for its relaxed ID-check policy and affordable beer. The whole band hung out here and it was also here that Markus Mustonen was convinced to take on the role as drummer.

5. Nygatan 33C (also entrance from the courtyard via Smedjegatan 32)

Inside the courtyard, in an old industrial building where Studio Skyline was located on the upper floor. ''Håll om mig'' that is on the collection album (Box 1991-2008) was recorded here.

6. Bruksgatan 16

Kent's single "Max 500" was released in 2005 and became one of the biggest hits in Sweden that year. During 1989-1991, there was an underground nightclub named "Max 500 kg" where Jones & Giftet performed multiple times. The band members were regulars at this club, which opened at 1 a.m. and closed at 7 a.m.

The building was demolished shortly after the club closed. The property is today owned by the hard rock musicians Susanne and Christopher First, who have a garage and plantations on the premises. Next to the parking lot, the club "Bruket" was located, where the band had their first concert as Kent in Eskilstuna at Pipalucken on the day after Christmas 1993.

Black and white logo of a skull wearing a crown with crossed bones. CLUB MAX 500 KG is written on the logo.

7. Bruksgatan 16

Inside the Eskilstuna Magasinets old premises, the student union had its own spaces during the early 90s. The union was a popular hangout for the band and their friends. Here they could enjoy cheap beer, loud music, and didn't need to show student ID.

8. Kungstatan 46

Between 1996 and 1997 Kent performed at Stinsen club in Eskilstuna on multiple occasions, including Harri Mänty's debut concert as Martin Roos replacement on guitar. In 1996 the club Blå became neighbors with Stinsen, and three years later they took over Stinsen's premises and becoming largest nightclub. Markus Mustonen and Martin Sköld often DJ's at the club. In 2002, a photo exhibition by Jonas Linell featuring pictures of Kent was displayed there. Blå closed in 2005 and the building was demolished. New buildings are now being constructed on the site.

A black and white drawing of a building.

9. Hamngatan 17

The current site of the newly constructed university campus was previously occupied by the city's big sports arena. Kent performed two sold-out concerts here. One on February 11 in the year 2000, with The Ark as the opening act, and another on February 28 in 2008, with Familjen as the opening act.

10. Hamngatan

''Strömsholmen is one of Sweden's most beautiful concert venues'', exclaimed the legendary band booker from Hultsfredsfestivalen, Janne Kleman. Kent performed at Strömsholmen on July 12th in 2008, with Håkan Hellström as the supporting act, in front of more than 8000 people.

11. Rademachergatan 21

During the early 1990s, this location housed Charlie's, a small restaurant featuring live bands a few times per week. In 1992, Martin Roos, the guitarist, had his debut concert with the band, taking over from the previous member Thomas Bergqvist.

A black and whit closeup of a building with large windows. There is also a man standing in an open door.

12. Hamngatan 12

In 1998 Eskilstuna was designated as the "Pop City" by Sweden's Radio P3, with the motivation being "A strong local music scene with distinct peaks in the form of Kent, Yvonne, and Superswirls. A broad base of talented and long-standing local artists in the city with presumably the most rehersal spaces in Sweden." Stadshotellet (the City Hotel) hosted the three-day event featuring nineteen bands, with Kent as the prominent headliner. In 2009, the hotel burned down and was rebuilt as the Elite Stadshotellet in 2012. In the song "Passagerare" Jocke sings a few lines about a burnt-down city hotel.

13. Gymnastikgatan 1

In 1991 Jones & Giftet emerged as the winners of the prestigious competition Cult-91 at Skylight. They won a prize of 25,000 SEK, which went to new instruments. Today, the nightclub Biff & Grill and the restaurant Gränden occupy the former premises of Skylight.

A blank and white drawing of a building. There a man walking on the pavement in front of the building.

14. Rademachergatan 1

Mickel Lönngren, the host of the youth radio program "Rundgång," invited Jones & Giftet to professionally record at Sveriges Radio Sörmland's studio. They had two recording sessions in 1991, resulting in local radio hits like "Kyss mig som en slägga" and "En djävul i mitt skåp."

15. Kungsgatan 2

"Exit" is only one of the names of the nightclub that was located on Kungsgatan in the early 1990s. Kent performed there a few times in 1995 and 1996. Jocke's classmate Jonas from S:t Eskil's high school was the manager of the nightclub and was quick to book Kent.

16. Kyrkogatan 3

In the old courthouse, the music school used to be located. The band used to rehearse there in secret. Thomas Bergqvist's mother worked there, giving them access to the building's keys for their rehearsals.

A drawing of a white building with a lot of windows. The windows are black.