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Sörmlandsgården is an open-air museum named after the county of Sörmland. The museum displays a typical middle-Swedish 19th century homestead, and is situated in Djurgården, a district in the southern part of Eskilstuna.

An outdoors museum

The museum’s outdoor environments are open all year. All the buildings and their objects have been collected by Erik Andersson from Gutebrunn, who donated all of it to Eskilstuna in 1921. Next to Sörmlandsgården you will find the historical restaurant Pilkrog.


Phone: +46 16 51 60 73 / +46 16 710 23 75

E-mail: stadsmuseet@eskilstuna.se

Address: Djurgården, Eskilstuna

Web: eskilstuna.se (Translated with Google)