Lagersberg säteri , museum Eskilstuna

Lagersbergs manor

Lagersbergs manor (translates Lagersbergs säteri) has an exciting history, and is one of Sweden’s best preserved Carolean manors.

Beautifuly located just outside Eskilstuna

By the outskirts of Eskilstuna, you will find Lagersbergs Manor in a picturesque environment with an orchard and open grass areas that suits a cosy picnic very well. In the garden you will find a photo-exhibition that can be viewed from early spring untill autumn.

Open during summer with showings

During the summer season visitors can participate in a guided tour of some of the houses at the manor. In one of the wings there is a small gift shop and a summer cafe with home-baked pastries.

Summer concerts

Concerts are arranged at Lagersberg’s Manor during the summer, under the theme of Music at Sörmland’s castles and manors.

Interiör bild, guidning Lagersbergs säteri

Photo: Micke Sandström


Phone: + 46 16 710 23 75


Address: Lagersbergs säteri 3, 632 36 Eskilstuna

Web: (Translated with Google)