Upplyst bro framför kyrka

Fors Church

Fors Church was built in the mid-11th century on the initiative of the monk St. Eskil and is the oldest church in Eskilstuna. The church is centrally located on the western bank of the Eskilstuna River

From wooden church to stone church

The old wooden church was replaced in the 11th century by a Romanesque stone church. Parts of the old wooden church still remain in the northern and western walls. The porch was added during the 17th century, when it acquired its current form. If you visit the church, please take a moment to stop in the porch and look up at the classical ship hanging from the ceiling.

Former diocesan cathedral

''Fors'' is the swedish word for rapids, and Fors Church was named after its beautiful location along the river. It belongs to Eskilstuna parish in the Diocese of Strängnäs. It was likely a diocesan cathedral for an area consisting of western Södermanland, southern Västmanland, and eastern Närke.

Expansion of the tower

The tower, with its church bells, was built during the 15th century and served as a defense and lookout tower against intruders upstream on the Eskilstuna River. In 1676, the tower spire that still exists on the church today was raised. With the spire, the church tower measures fifty meters and together with the nave it forms the shape of a Latin cross.

Beautiful interior and organ

A major renovation of the church's organ was carried out in 1999 by the firm Walter Thür Orgelbyggen in Torshälla. The St. Eskil Window, which represents the life story of St. Eskil, was created by Bengt Olof Kälde, who is one of Europe's foremost church artists.


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