Barn som åker skridskor på isbanan på Fristadstorget

The Ice Rink at Fristadstorget

At Fristadstorget in Eskilstuna there is a nice ice rink during the winter. The rink, which is remade every year, is available for everyone free of charge and is open as long as the weather permits.

Go ice skating in the city center

To go ice skating is a fun winter activity and the ice rink at Fristadstorget is particularly suitable for children. The ice rink is made as soon as the temperature outside is cold enough to maintain solid ice. It's free to skate at Fristadstorget, and you don't have to pre-book your visit.

Borrow ice-skates and helmets

There are ice-skates and helmets available to borrow for your ice-skating needs at Fristadstorget. If you wish to borrow ice-skates you are required to pre-book via the phone number below. Ice-skates and helmet will then be available for you to pick up before your ice-skating session. The equipment is cleaned before each use.


Phone: +46 16-710 10 56


Address: Fristadstorget, Eskilstuna