En vy över en sjö och till höger i bild skymtar en padelbana i bakgrunden

Kvicksund Padel court

Outside of Eskilstuna, you'll find Kvicksund, where there's a padel court with a fantastic view over Lake Mälaren. Bring your padel enthusiast friends and play a match on what could be the most water-facing padel court in Sörmland.

Double padel court

Right next to Kvicksundsbron (the Kvicksund Bridge), you'll find Kvicksund Padel Court, where there's a beautifully situated double padel court to play on. Hit some balls with your padel buddies while having Lake Mälaren as your spectator.

Enjoy some ice cream after your padel game.

At the same address, you'll find Odd Jenny's Ice Cream, a ice cream bar where you can rent rackets and buy balls before your padel game. Relax after the game with an ice cream and enjoy the beautiful lake view.


Phone: +46 70-387 83 86

Address: Södra Kvicksundsvägen 10, 640 45 Kvicksund

Web: facebook.com/KvicksundPadel (SWE)