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En turkos el porsche

GTR Motorpark

GTR Motorpark in Gröndal, right outside Eskilstuna is Sweden's first and only green track resort.

Racing dreams, events and green meetings

The vision about GTR Motorpark was born with the dream of becoming the future of Swedish motor sport. Even though alot of work still remains to be done, there is already one race-track that is up to international standards in use. Prins Carl Philips Racing pokal, one of Swedens biggest cart-competitions for talented youths is beeing held here, which testifies to the high quality of the track. It bodes well for the future, where one of the goals GTR Motorpark has is to be able to host international racing competitions.

The facility is however not only intended as a location to see or drive vehicles at high speeds. On site, a large event area is taking shape, with the capacity to recieve thousands of visitors. A business hotell and a conference facility is also included in future plans.

Most environmentally friendly Motorpark in the world?

At GTR Motorpark the environment has been a point of focus since the planning stage. The eco-friendly way of thinking is something which permiates the entire operation. For example, renewable solar energy is used to the greatest extent and the foundations under the tracks are built on recycled excavated masses. A tremondous effort has also been put into preserving the beautiful forrest which surround the area.

Recycled concrete substrates

Recycled concrete substrates

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