Aerial view of Eskilstuna at sunset showing the cityscape, rivers, and bridges.n univerity and greenery

A Guide to Eskilstuna for New Students

How exciting that you've chosen to study at Mälardalen University (MDU) in Eskilstuna. You've made a great choice. Eskilstuna is a rapidly growing eco-smart city in the heart of Mälardalen. Everything is close by, and the city offers an active life beyond your studies.

Eskilstuna – A Rapidly Growing and Eco-Smart Industrial City

Historically, Eskilstuna is known for its mechanical industry, and it is no coincidence that Sweden's first locomotive was developed here. Today, we are a rapidly growing eco-smart industrial city, committed to developing a sustainable city for the long term with an open and inclusive society.

Eskilstuna Has a Rich Music and Sports Scene

Music and sports are part of Eskilstuna's DNA. As a student you can have active hobbies alongside your studies. The city boasts a vibrant music scene, and the sports culture, and community life are a big part of our city. Joining one of the many local clubs or associations is a great way to get to know the city and the people of Eskilstuna.

A Woman with a backpack and a pride flag

Photo: Micke Sandström

Springpride in Eskilstuna is one of Swedens first HBTQ-festivals.

Explore Eskilstuna – Events, Food & Drink, Outdoor Activities, and Attractions

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Nice Bars to Hang Out At

At Sweden's first brewery pub, Eskilstuna Ölkultur, you can discuss beer with other beer enthusiasts in a relaxed environment. Nornir Brewery, Eskilstuna's first taproom, serves as a vibrant hub for beer lovers to explore unconventional flavors and brewing techniques. At Nabo Bar, you can enjoy Eskilstuna's tastiest drinks together with Latin American & Asian sharing food. Café Norr offers a friendly atmosphere in a truly homely and retro-inspired setting.

A Good Night Out in Eskilstuna

Along Nybrogatan, known as the "Bar Street", there are several pubs and bars with different themes, such as Grappa, Mocca Deli, and The Bishops Arms. The pubs are close to each other so you can freely "hop around" until you find one that suits you. Feel like dancing? A short distance from the bar street you'll find Biff Grill & Bar, a venue that specializes in hosting performances, accommodating big parties, and providing spaces for dancing and live music events.

Nice Live Scenes

A concert and bright lights

Photo: Micke Sandström

A live concert at Lokomotivet

Shopping in Eskilstuna

ReTuna Återbruksgalleria (Recycling Mall) is a paradise for sustainable shopping. It is Sweden's first recycling mall, with stores selling everything from furniture, home decor, and clothing to tools and bicycles. At ReTuna, you can find everything needed for a student apartment. There are also many flea markets and second hand stores throughout Eskilstuna.

At the mall Tuna Park, there is a wide range of shopping options, and major chains are established here, and to some extent in the city center. In the Old Town, you'll find smaller, local shops.

Head Out into Nature

One of Eskilstuna's strengths is its proximity to nature. There are many natural areas with beautiful trails and exercise tracks for hiking, cycling, and jogging. When the snow arrives, some of the exercise tracks are suitable for cross-country skiing, and in Vilsta, there is a ski slope that accommodates both experienced and novice skiers. In winter, there are also great opportunities for long-distance ice skating on one of the nearby lakes. If you don't have your own sports or leisure equipment, Fritidsbanken at the Munktell Arena has most things available to borrow at no cost.

Cozy Picnic spots

On a sunny day, Rothoffsparken in central Eskilstuna is an oasis. Here, you will find blossoming greenery and lovely grassy areas. On the other side of the river lies Stadsparken, with open grassy areas, many comfortable seating options, a beach volleyball court, and a sandy beach with umbrellas. It's a bit like being at the beach, but in the city. If you're looking for a more secluded spot, the Rosenfors Park in Skogstorp is recommended.

Opposite ReTuna Recycling Mall is Ekeby Wetland. A scenic area that also purifies water. Take a walk, have a picnic, and watch birds here.

Roses in full bloom at Rothoffsparken

Photo: Therese Andersson

Roses in full bloom at Rothoffsparken.

Beaches and Swimming Facilities

Eskilstuna's most central beach is located in Vilsta with a sandy shore, barbecue areas, a volleyball court, disc golf, and mini golf. One of Eskilstuna's most popular beaches features Lake Mälaren's longest natural sandy beach and is situated in Sundbyholm, right next to Sundbyholm Castle. There is a nice bike path all the way from central Eskilstuna.

If you prefer indoor swimming, Munktellbadet is the obvious choice – Sweden's most environmentally friendly swimming facility.

Museums in Eskilstuna

In central Eskilstuna, there are four museums showcasing art, culture, and history, all within walking distance of each other. The cozy Rademacher forges (Rademachersmedjorna) is an open-air museum with craftsmen and shops. In fine weather, it's a nice spot to unwind and take in the scenery.

Eskilstuna City Museum narrates and displays the city's history. In Munktellstaden, you'll find the Eskilstuna Art Museum and the Munktell Museum, the latter being the perfect museum for anyone interested in vehicles. It exhibits historical items produced by Munktell, Bolinder-Munktell, Volvo BM, VME, and Volvo Construction Equipment.

The Rademacher Forges, Eskilstuna City Museum, and Eskilstuna Art Museum all offer free admission, allowing you to enjoy local history and art without spending a dime.

Excursion Tips

Around Eskilstuna, there are many pleasant excursion destinations, one of which is Torshälla. After a bike ride of about 8 kilometers, you'll arrive at this small town that boasts a rich cultural heritage with museums, cozy alleys, cafés, and wooden houses.

Sundbyholm is another great option for an outing, featuring an exciting history, a castle, lovely hiking trails, and a beautiful guest harbor. Here, you can rent a dock raft and visit the thousand-year-old Sigurd Carving. From Eskilstuna, you can easily make a day trip by train to many nearby cities.

Welcome to Eskilstuna!