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Panic Sound and Stage technology

Panic offers you technology and technical staff within sound, light, image, and stage. With many years of experience within these industries, Panic is a reliable partner for a successful meeting or event.

A reliable partner with a broad range of expertise

Panic is a stable business with broad competence that helps you to have a successful event. Panic delivers technology to events of all sizes as well as meetings, and are happy to work with you from the planning stage, all the way to implementation. Panic is based in central Eskilstuna but works across Sweden.

Hire a technician from Panic

You can hire technical personnel such as sound technicians, lighting technicians, AV technicians and camera operators for different meetings and events at Panic.

Studio for digital meetings

At Panic Studios, you can elevate the experience of your digital meetings and events with professional technology and knowledgeable staff. Panic helps you live stream or film your meeting or event. In the studios professional environment, you are offered a ready-made location for all types of digital transmissions and recordings. The studio is fully equipped and experienced technicians will help you from planning to execution of your next digital meeting. Panics studio is ready for your next digital arrangement.

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Professional studio environment

Rent a stage from Panic

Panic can provide you with everything from stage pods to complete stages with roofs, if you're planning a festival, town square meeting, or something similar. The stages wich are available for rent are easy to set up and can be placed almost anywhere, and are suitable for most events. They can be combined and customized to fit your needs. And don’t worry about setting things up, Panics skilled technicians will set up the stage for you.

I will help you arrange your meeting in Eskilstuna

Quick facts

Meeting capacity: 20 participants
Meeting rooms: 2 rooms
Location: 2,69 km to Eskilstuna C


Phone: +46 16-400 99 37


Address: Nystrandsgatan 23 633 46 Eskilstuna

Web: panic-scenteknik