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Ingången till lokalen Lokomotivet


Lokomotivet is an arena located in the heart of Munktellstaden and is a natural place for various types of events in Eskilstuna.

Lokomotivet is an arena with great flexibility

Lokomotivet is a versatile venue that has hosted a variety of cultural events, concerts, conferences, exhibitions, and banquets.


Arrange your meeting or banquet at Lokomotivet

Thanks to the flexibility of the venue, it can be tailored and customized to meet the specific needs of the organizer for a meeting, conference, or banquet. Lokomotivet has the capacity to seat over 700 people in a theater-style setting and over 300 people in a banquet setting, as well as a two-level lobby that can be used separately for different events.

Fint dukade långbord framför scenen på Lokomotivet

Eskilstuna Convention Bureau helps you arrange your meeting in Eskilstuna

Quick facts

Meeting capacity: 765 participants
Meeting rooms: 1 rooms
Dinner: 300 guests
Location: 1,2 km to Eskilstuna C


Phone: +46 16-710 55 73


Address: Verkstadsgatan 8633 42, Eskilstina


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