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Interior at the small store and Infopoint Sverigedräkter.

Sverigedräkter - handmade in Sweden

The shop Sverigedräkter offers a wide range of different souvenirs from Eskilstuna and Sweden. The shop is placed in the historic area of Old Town at Köpmangatan in Eskilstuna.

Tourist information in the store

Sverigedräkter is an authorised InfoPoint. This means that you can find maps and brochures about places to visit, activities and events nearby, as well as receive assistance with simpler questions about Eskilstuna.

Take the opportunity to see and experience more of Eskilstuna and the surrounding area when you are still here!


Phone: +46 73-684 17 75


Address: Köpmangatan 25, 633 40 Eskilstuna


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