Öl på uteservering


In The Old Town by the Eskilstuna River lies the local pub Söderhaket. In the summertime you can enjoy good food and drinks on the large outdoor terrace with a view of the river. The kitchen adapts the menu according to the seasons.

Cozy local pub with a seasonal menu

With a view of the Eskilstuna River, you can enjoy a variety of dishes in a lovely setting. Ingredients of the highest quality, selected according to season, are used to create new exciting dishes by the skilled chefs at Söderhaket. The seasonally based menu combined with the location by the Eskilstuna River makes it easy to recommend Söderhaket to anyone who is looking for a nice place with good food to hang out.


Phone: +46 16-551 32 98

E-mail: soderhaket@outlook.com

Address: Eskilsgatan 1A, 633 56 Eskilstuna

Web: soderrestaurangochbar.se (SWE)