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Kin Kitchen

Kin Kitchen serves authentic Asian cuisine from all corners of the continent. You don't have to choose between sushi, dumplings or noodles, at Kin Kitchen you can have it all at the same time.

Authentic flavours from all over Asia

Japanese, Chinese or Thai? It's not always easy to choose what to eat when you're hungry and craving a bit of everything. At Kin Kitchen, that's no problem! You can enjoy Chinese spring rolls, Japanese sushi and Thai pad thai all at the same time. At least 10 different hot dishes from all corners of Asia are served during the lunch buffet and many of the dishes change from day to day.

Eat at Kin kitchen or order takeaway

Kin Kitchen offers both serving and takeaway for all meals, including the lunch buffet.

Kin Kitchen restaurants in Eskilstuna

Kin Kitchen can be found in three locations around Eskilstuna. One restaurant which is centrally located at Fristadstorget in Eskilstuna, one is found in Torshälla and one in Kjula trading area.


Phone: +46 16-12 08 11


Address: Fristadstorget 8, 632 20 Eskilstuna

Web: (SWE)