En vackert upplagd sallad med Chevré ost.

Buon Gusto

Buon Gusto in Eskilstuna is a charming family-friendly restaurant that serves Swedish homestyle dishes and homemade Italian pasta. You can find Buon Gusto in the western commercial area, just outside the city center of Eskilstuna.

Swedish home-cooked meals and homemade pasta

All food is prepared from scratch at Buon Gusto. They primarily serve Swedish home-cooked meals and Italian pasta dishes. The pasta is made in the restaurant, and on the fixed menu you'll always find vegetarian options.

Satisfied customers

Generous portions, a chef who always smiles and food that tastes fantastic. Based on the reviews, the restaurant is highly appreciated, boasting an impressive 4.8 out of 5 stars on Google. Definitely worth a visit.


Phone: +46 16-212 11

E-mail: info@buongustoeskilstuna.se

Address: Kungsgatan 64, 632 21 Eskilstuna

Web: buongustoeskilstuna.se (SWE)